Mahamantra is like Chintamani

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We may feel pity for the foolishness of the moth who gets attracted by the golden fire flames and jumps into the fire with a hope to enjoy endless pleasure. Our story is not much different from the moth. This miserable material world also looks incredibly attractive to us and we embrace this world to quench the thirst of our senses and eventually we are entrapped by material miseries. But we humans have an opportunity to rescue ourselves by sincerely chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra without offences and go back to the eternal blissful abode of the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, Goloka Vrindavan.


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Our thoughts during the chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra decide our future destiny. Therefore, we must chant sincerely without offences, absorbing in the thoughts of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna’s name, form, qualities and His pastimes. This way of devotional practice will awaken our pure love for Sri Krishna and will deliver us from this miserable material world.


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The holy name of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna is more powerful than Sri Krishna Himself. Sri Krishna has incarnated within the divine Hare Krishna Mahamantra to give us shelter and reveal all of his love to us.
This Iron Age (Kali-Yuga) is blessed and more beneficial compared to other Ages (Yugas) as Sri Krishna descended in this Iron Age as Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and freely distributed the most precious Hare Krishna Mahamantra in order to deliver us from this mundane material world.


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Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the embodiment of the divinely spiritual Hare Krishna Mahamantra. He descended in this Iron Age (Kali-Yuga) and chanted and distributed this Mahamantra to all the fallen souls out of compassion. Nowadays so-called pundits endorse the chanting of metrical self-made compositions of the name of Lord Krishna, which are against the conclusion of the scriptures. Thus, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu prescribed only the chanting of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra as this is the only means of deliverance from this miserable mundane world.


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We cannot go back to the eternal blissful divine abode of Supreme Lord Krishna (Goloka Vrindavan) just by chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra for prolonged hours unless our mind is fixed in the devotional service of the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. This Mahamantra is like Chintamani (wish-fulfilling gem) and embodiment of transcendental bliss. When our mind is absorbed in the divine sound of this Hare Krishna Mahamantra during chanting, we can surely attain the highest perfection of this human birth.


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